Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Prayer for President Obama, Governor Romney, and the United States Tonight

I'm in the habit many mornings, after reading Scripture and a devotional reflection in it, of keying my prayers according to the ACTS acronym. ACTS stands for adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication.

After I've done that, I sometimes kneel by my bed and speak the prayers aloud to God, adding new thoughts as they come to me during my conversation with Him. (This approach is one I got long ago from Pastor Bill Hybels' book, Too Busy Not to Pray.

I don't plan on watching tonight's presidential debate, but here's what I prayed (and keep praying) for the contestants:
Bless President Obama and Governor Romney in all the ways in which You want to bless them, Lord.

Please, protect them from temptation and sin.

Extend the same blessings to them that I seek for my family and me every day:
  • Keep them safe and free from harm. 
  • Protect their characters and their reputations.
Provide them with wisdom and give them the courage to act on the wisdom that You give to them.

Cause them to renounce the favorite myths of their respective campaigns and parties to speak the truth and to engage in an actual debate this evening.

Select the person You want to be our president, granting us not the leader we deserve, but the leader that we need.

I know that this is asking for a lot in the heat of a presidential campaign in a country hardened into red and blue camps, but I know that You are the God of miracles, and that You can make these things happen.

Soften hearts and open minds to turn all of us to faith in Jesus Christ as our only hope.


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