Thursday, October 02, 2014

Since Eisenhower, the President Who's Brought the Slowest Growth in Federal Spending is...

...ready? Barack Obama.

This from Forbes Magazine:


Both parties try attaching stereotypes to their opposition's leaders. The stereotypes aren't always true. But truth isn't the point. Winning is. Your stereotypes, delivered as "talking points," are the battering rams each party uses on the other in the futile kabuki dance that is American politics these days.

For example, during the Bush II years, Democrats loved portraying the president as dumb. The man is demonstrably not dumb. He is an avid reader of history who remembers what he reads and connects it with other things he reads, a sign of a facile mind. He has degrees from both Harvard and Yale, hardly slouch schools.

But "Bush is dumb" was the opposition's meme. It didn't always win the opposition elections, but it appealed to the blindly ideological donors on which both parties and their candidates feed. Lodging these unfair, fact-eluding stereotypes against one's opposition costs lots of money!

There are plenty of legitimate differences to be surfaced by opposition parties over policies and decisions made during any president's time in office, no matter what the party. But those don't market as easily as saying things like, "He's dumb." Or, "He's spending us into oblivion." After all, the cynics who market politicians and parties--both Republicans and Democrats--wouldn't want to confuse you and me with the facts, would they?

John Adams is the one who supposedly first said, "Facts are stubborn things." Sometimes, they're just not stubborn enough.

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