Thursday, September 24, 2015

The pope's message is for us all

To those Democrats and Republicans who want to use the Pope to prop up their political agendas, a few thoughts.

Both parties should feel appropriately chastised by the Pope's announcements.

Both parties are heedless of the dignity of human life.

Both parties owe their existence and their election victories to appealing to the baseness and the egotism of their respective bases.

Pope Francis is neither a liberal nor a conservative.

He is a follower of Jesus Christ.

And just as Jesus offended all who based their lives and measured their well being on human philosophies, Pope Francis will necessarily offend politicians and partisans of both parties.

But if they will heed the gospel message they will find life with God and be challenged to find ways in which they can give that life to others.

I'm not a Roman Catholic Christian. I'm a Lutheran Christian and a pastor. I take great joy in the Pope's ministry and words and I pray that we will also listen closely to His message. We all have a lot of sins to give up and, in Christ, a lot of life-empowering grace to claim by faith in the crucified and risen Savior.

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