Friday, January 15, 2016

Campaign songs; prepare to be...well...

...revolted. That was my reaction when I first saw this Donald Trump campaign song.

Although the tone of that peculiar version of the George M. Cohan classic is a bit aggressive, kitschy campaign songs are nothing new.

Does anyone remember this adoring, bordering on the idolatrous, campaign song in anticipation of Hillary Clinton's 2008 run for the presidency? I like to think that this schlock is part of why she didn't get the nomination.

You don't associate "kitsch" with the amazing voice or work of Frank Sinatra. But in the 1960 campaign, Senator John F. Kennedy and Kennedy's then-brother-in-law Peter Lawford roped Sinatra into singing lyrics extolling Kennedy's candidacy for president. It was set to the tune of one of the Chairman of the Board's hit songs. It's an unfortunate misuse of Sinatra's talents.

Sinatra later became disenchanted with JFK.

In 1952, the Eisenhower campaign ran this TV commercial for the former general's presidential bid. When you watch it, you remember that back in those days and even into the 60s, commercials always ran sixty-seconds, which now seems interminable.

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