Monday, April 11, 2005

A Mystery That I'd Prefer Not Solving

Rob Asghar revealed on his web log today that his readership is down about 50% from its usual average right now. I guess that we could form a support group. As I commented to Rob:
My readership is way down lately too. I theorize that part of the reason is that Spring has begun here in the East, always the biggest single time zone represented in my readership. People are spending a lot more time outside.

Of course, it also could be that what I've written lately has been both sparse and stinky. But I don't want to believe either of those conditions prevails.
Hey, perk up the days of a soon-to-be-columnist and a loquacious preacher: Email all your friends now about Rob's and my blogs. Invite them to check out our respective blogs. (If you have to lie, tell them that Better Living is wonderful!)

1 comment:

Tom Parsons said...

I've noticed the same thing on my blog. I'm hoping it's just because Spring is here and not because I'm not writing good stuff (although it could be that, too).