Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bob Denver, Portrayer of Two Iconic TV Characters, Has Died

Bob Denver, perhaps most famous for his portrayal of Gilligan, on Gilligan's Island, has died at age 70. Denver also played Maynard G. Krebs on The Many Lives of Dobie Gillis.

When you think about it, how many actors play two iconic characters in their TV careers?

Mary Tyler Moore and Bea Arthur spring to mind as perhaps the only others apart from Denver to do that. I suppose one might consider Bob Newhart for recognition in this category, although he really played the same character with different names in his two most successful sitcoms.

Mind you, I'm not talking about actors who portrayed more than one character on successful (or even unsuccessful) television shows, but actors whose characters attained iconic status, characters almost universally recognized.

Any others you can think of who have done this?

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