Sunday, September 04, 2005

Itching to Help on the Gulf Coast

A number of members of the congregation I serve and I are all itching to get down to the Gulf Coast to help with recovery efforts. I've made inquiries tonight with Lutheran Disaster Response, which indicates that as soon as the primary clean-up is done by professionals, volunteers will be needed.

I'm writing for two reasons:

(1) Please pray that God will soon open up the opportunity for us to go to the Gulf Coast, wherever we're needed and can be useful.

(2) Please consider putting together your own team of volunteers and contacting Lutheran Disaster Response or some other agency to help your Gulf Coast neighbors in this way. It should be a gratifying experience!


Paul said...

My prayers are with you that God will utilize you and your talents as He sees fit. I understand your itch. I think many Christians here in America (and some abroad) feel it, too. My vacation schedule probably won't allow me to go until at least January - but it appears more work may need to be done even then.

Meanwhile, as far away as here in Arizona, it appears that we will have some 1000 of New Orleans' evacuees arriving here. Our church is holding a meeting on Wednesday night to see what we can do to help.

I enjoyed your post regarding the race issue - it was very thoughtful. The images from New Orleans are heartbreaking, especially when you consider that the hardest hit were the ones who were already hurting anyway. There's a quite a few people wondering if the lack of action was racially motivated. I'd like to think not. This is 21st-Century America after all. But if it did happen that way, then God have mercy on those responsible.

I hope and pray that out of this tragedy there can be true healing and reconciliation amongst all Americans.

Mark Daniels said...

Thank you for your prayers.

It's great that your community will be taking so many folks in from the Gulf Coast!

You're right that there will be work to be done by volunteers for many months to come.

Keep me posted on what your church plans to do.