Thursday, November 24, 2005

No Turkey Fire!

For those who may be wondering, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, with no turkey fire, no broken ribs, no endless work parties in our back yard, and no Vegetarian Wars. Instead, we enjoyed great food and good conversation. We also set out my It's a Wonderful Life collectibles on the mantel, fired up some Christmas tunes, and began the Christmas celebrating.

But our two children, now 24 and almost 21, who love each other very much but can still get on one another's nerves, brought the laugh of the day. The son, P-Diddy, told the daughter, my nickname for whom has always been MacDougall, "You always have to get the last word." To which she responded, "I don't have to get the last word. It's just that people always interrupt me." We all laughed...including MacDougall!

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