Saturday, December 16, 2006

Think That Government Should Enable Gambling Addictions?

Think again.

A post I wrote in October received this response just yesterday:
Being the wife of a compulsive gambler that has borrowed $72,000 @ 20% interest, I completly agree with your blog on gambling. Our governments are allowing/encouraging this destrictive behavior to all. I use to go to the casinos with my husband, gamble $100 here and there, but now I want to throw up when I see or hear an advertisement for these pits of dispair. And of course when I found out about the problem, it wasn't a problem. I had the problem for not allowing him to do what he wanted. Our marriage is hanging on threads right now, my life will never be the same, his life for sure will never be the same. Why is there such encouragement for an addiction. Ultimately, that is what it is turning into more and more.
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