Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Should Senator Clinton Withdraw from the Race for President?

Liberal Democratic blogger Deborah White delivers a scathing denunciation of Hillary Clinton, saying that it's time that the New York Senator withdraws from the presidential race:

How could anyone seriously believe that, after the brutal and dishonest behavior of the Clintons since Super Tuesday, February 5th, that the American people, exhausted by the brutal and dishonest Bush administration, would lift Hillary and Bill Clinton up to electoral victory and return them to four more years in the White House? How could anyone seriously believe that Obama supporters would now vote for Hillary Clinton in 2008 (or possibly ever)?
Such fantasies defy good common sense and all rules of logic.
Yeah, this race is so over. The only remaining question is... what Democrat possesses the backbone and requisite muscle to tell the Clintons that it's over, and to enforce it?

Read the whole thing.

I'm not interested in the validity of White's arguments per se. I don't do endorsements around here.

What's so striking about White's column is that she is such a reasonable person, not given to lashing out at fellow Democrats. Her anger may be some indication of the antipathy rank and file Democrats are feeling these days. If White's column measures many of her fellow Democrats' sentiments, they want the nomination fight to be over so that they can fight Senator John McCain.

Clinton's supporters have been saying that the Senator should remain in the race at least until "the remaining ten states have been heard from." But will that enhance the Democratic nominee's chances in the fall? Increasingly, that's the question that people like White are raising. But will the people to whom Senator Clinton is likely to listen raise it?

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