Tuesday, December 23, 2014

That Last Post...

...the one right below this one, was #6300 on this blog, which began back in 2002. I had little idea what a blog was then. (The term blog is a contraction of the words web log.) But it seemed like a nice place to "park" my sermons and newspaper columns on the web.

It took me a while to warm up to the whole idea. But I did eventually.

The current count of page views from Blogger for the blog that was originally titled, Better Living, is at nearly a half-million. But I'm guessing that the total page visits since the beginning has been closer to half again that many. At the start, I had no way of tracking traffic. Later, I installed something called Sitemeter. But when I installed Blogger's metrics calculator, the Sitemeter count disappeared. So, I lost all record of the counts prior to that.

Several years into the life of the blog, there was a lot of traffic. One reason is that blogs were new and people were checking into them frequently. Another is that major sites often linked to the posts here, especially those on politics. (I rarely took a stand on issues, just commented on the politics and history of politics.) Politics remains a hot topic on the web, but not here.

Maybe the post that has received the most traffic was this 2006 reaction to the Gospel of Judas, a gnostic document that National Geographic touted as something significant. I didn't (and don't) think it was. A number of web sites linked to that simple, quickly written piece, including The New York Times, which mentioned it, along with blog posts by other folks reacting to the document.

Today, much of the daily traffic to the site is driven by web searches. (By the way, I have no idea who the folks who visit here, represented by these aggregate numbers, are. Don't want anyone to think that I'm playing Big Brother.)

Why do I keep blogging? Above all, to lift up Christ as the way, the truth, and the life, the One Who brings forgiveness and new, everlasting life with God to all who repent and believe in Him. And I still need a place to park the sermons.

Besides that, to be honest, I write, because I can't not write. That's how I roll.

One other thing, in case you're wondering. I get about a penny every time someone clicks on one of the Google ads that appear here. The checks don't come until I've amassed $100 in clicks. In the past twelve years, I've made $500 from the ads. I'm a professional blogger, you know. Move over, Arianna, Ann, and Glenn.

Thanks to everyone who has dropped by here over the years. Feel free to leave comments, too; I always enjoy reading them.


Charlie said...

Merry Christmas, Mark, and kudos for your faithfulness to blogging, and more importantly, to your walk of faith in Christ. Emmanuel.

Mark Daniels said...

Thanks, Charlie. Have a blessed Christmas.

Hope that our paths cross again one day.

By the way, one of our GodBlog colleagues, David Wayne, recently died after a long battle with cancer. As is true of you, the only time I met and talked with David was at the conference at Biola. But I had corresponded with him. From all accounts, he died as he lived, faithfully, with grace and courage.

Again, have a wonderful Christmas.

Charlie said...

I knew of David's cancer, but hadn't heard about his death. Thanks for letting me know.