Thursday, March 26, 2020

Texas Lt. Governor's Suggestion is Demonic and Anti-Life

I don’t know whether this gentleman, Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, claims to be a Christian or not.

But from a Christian perspective, his remark may betray his true religion.

Martin Luther observed that whatever is most important to you is your god, the thing from which you believe you derive life and meaning.

The suggestion that people of any age should sacrifice their life for the almighty buck is demonic.

I would describe his position on this matter as anti-life. (Being pro-life should also encompass concern for people outside the womb of all ages.)

Besides, dead people don’t engage in much economic activity.

Let’s focus on protecting as many people as possible. People have intrinsic value as God’s children made in His image.

And, to put it in terms Mr. Patrick might appreciate, we can ill-afford to lose the fundamental capital asset of human beings.

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