Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Post-Election Thoughts

Today, I encountered ecstatic Bush voters and disappointed Kerry voters, the people in both categories being committed followers of Jesus Christ. I basically tried to share with them the same message I shared in an email to the members of Friendship Church (the congregation of which I'm pastor) today:

The election is now behind us. If things go as they appear they will go in the vote count, President Bush has been re-elected. For many of you, this will be a source of deep satisfaction. For others, the cause of deep disappointment. But I leave two thoughts with you:

(1) Our help is in the Lord. So says the Bible in so many words on virtually every page. We are called to put our trust in the God we know in Jesus Christ. Only Christ is bigger than all our challenges in life. We put a lot of stock in what governments can do. But ultimately, the past, present, and future belong to God. This should chasten those whose candidate won and comfort those whose candidate lost.

(2) As Senator Kerry said in a speech about ten days before the election, whoever is our President needs our prayers. Pray that God will give President Bush wisdom and the openness to God to act on that wisdom in the next four years. Please also pray that whether we share religions or partisan beliefs that our national community will be united.

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