Saturday, January 15, 2005

More on Baseball and Steroids

In Boston, where baseball is still the national pastime, the Globe editorializes today regarding the new (but yet-to-be-adopted) steroid policy of Major League Baseball. The paper sees it as a healthy first step toward restoring the integrity of the game. It's an excellent editorial. Here's the opening paragraph:
If players and owners ratify baseball's proposed agreement on steroid testing and penalties, the sport will have taken a long step toward ridding itself of a shadow over its players' health and the integrity of their achievements. The proposal is notable both in its expansion of testing to the off season and in the scope of what it prohibits, including steroid-like substances and human growth hormone. Down the road, the program could be improved by including stimulants such as amphetamine and strengthening the penalties.
Meanwhile, Neil Hayes says that there are asterisks galore over recent power-hitting achievements and so, he's telling his son that the real home run kings of Baseball are Hank Aaron (career) and Roger Mays (single season). I can't disagree with him. This is a very well-written piece!

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