Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Lileks at Lunch Again

Because I fasted for a physical examination that happened earlier today, I'm taking a late, micro-length lunch, mostly emailing work stuff. (Food fare: A slice of wheat bread with jelly.) But I took a quick look at Lileks' bleat for today. The guy is about as prolific as I am! For all his verbosity though, he also writes very well.

But...I can't understand why he should be critical of Chirac for meeting with Assad.

Sometimes, for the greater good, democrats have to meet with despots. It worked for Nixon to meet with Mao and Chou, not to mention with Leonid.

I don't know what may have transpired between Chirac and Assad. But I see no reason to summarily dismiss such meetings.

By the way: I loved the cartoon sound.

PS: Did you see the little feature on Lileks' matchbooks in the latest issue of American Heritage?

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