Monday, April 18, 2005

More on Keeping Politics Out of the Pulpit, Worship, Local Church

Aaron of two or three [.net] has posted on why keeping politics out of the pulpit, worship, and the local church is important for the integrity of the Church. Check out his post here.

I responded with a comment on his site:
Aaron: I obviously agree with you here.

The politicized Church is in danger of eliminating Christ from its

Furthermore, this politicized Church endangers all Christians striving to
share the Good News of Jesus. Instead of trying to persuade people of Christ's
Lordship with the "gentleness and reverence" that Peter commends in the New
Testament, these political Christians thump enemies, perceived and real, with
condemnation and an air of moral superiority.

The possibility of backlash against Christianity, already somewhat
apparent, grows as the politicized Church strays further and further away from

The cause of Christ-centered living is tarred by the sub-Christian
Pharisaism touted in the politicized Church, right and left. I hope that the
upcoming TV program gets few viewers and that Senator Frist gets the message
that this is a really bad idea.

More importantly, I hope that the Church understands how horrible it is
when we allow the Church and our proclamation of Christ to become subordinated
agents of partisan politics, instead of ambassadors for Christ!

Thanks for your post!

Blessings in Christ,
Mark Daniels

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