Thursday, July 28, 2005

Fill My Empty Heart (lyrics for one of my songs)

While rummaging through my computer disks today, I ran across one that had the lyrics of a song I co-wrote back in 1999, with a member of our congregation, Kathy. It's called Fill My Empty Heart.

Kathy had composed a fantastic melody and asked me to write the lyrics, expressing some things she was feeling at a really tough time in her life. In March, 1999, she sang the song for the congregation during a worship celebration. In it, Kathy expresses her belief that God would help her. That has proven to be true.

Incidentally, I had the honor of presiding over Kathy's wedding in May, as she married a wonderful man from our congregation named Tom. Here's a link to the message I gave then.

Sorry, I can't podcast the melody to Fill My Empty Heart right now. But here are the lyrics:

Fill My Empty Heart
Here, within my heart
There's a longing part
Crying out
Deep within my soul
There's a yawning hole
Needing filled
Though I try to find my missing peace
Nothing in this world can bring release.

In the day to day
There's a maze of grey
All around
Though I run from place to place, I find
That I can't outrun my heart, my mind

I know I'll see
The answers that I need
And then I'll know the peace
That I have been searching for
I believe in miracles
If we're ready to receive
And I know You'll show the way
If I put my trust in You

All my life
I have been casting about
For things I thought would please me
Now I find
You were all that I ever needed,
The One Who makes me whole.

With the dawn You bring
I can fin'lly sing
"I know joy!"
Leaning on Your grace
I have found my place
In Your world
And a soul that meets You at the cross
Will soon count all things but You, a loss

Fill my empty heart
You fill my empty heart
Fill me, Lord!

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