Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Katrina and Questions About God's Goodness and Power

The devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina raises questions about God's power and goodness. Here are some earlier posts that addresses those issues:

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The Light of the World!


Musicguy said...

i am of the believe that God set the universe into motion, but interferes very infrequently. it's like pressing play in a cassette player- it runs until the end, but you can't interfere with the playing. all you can do is press stop, ot let the tape run to the end.

Mark Daniels said...

David: This view, often referred to as God, the cosmic watchmaker, has nothing in common with the Biblical view of a God Who is passionately involved with His universe. While that raises all sorts of problems for us, I prefer being troubled by God's presence in the midst of tragedy over being troubled by His absence.

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