Thursday, August 18, 2005

Rob Thomas Needs a Band

Some singer/songwriters just need a band. Bands keep them a bit more honest lyrically, less prone to opting for cleverness over communicativeness. A band tends to keep the sound tighter, less poppy. That Rob Thomas is an extraordinary talent was confirmed repeatedly in his work as lead singer and composer for Matchbox 20. His voice is unique and he has a real flare for memorable lyrics. He's at home in a variety of musical styles, though at his best when he rocks, even when it's with a Latin edge, as he proved in his 1999 song with Carlos Santana, Smooth.

But I think Rob Thomas needs a band. If he's not careful, he'll turn into Michael Bolton. Or, as some reviewers have suggested, Justin Timberlake, who like Thomas, emerged from the Orlando music scene.

Thomas' first solo LP, Something to Be, is very good. But get a band, Rob, and rock! (I hear that Matchbox 20 may be available.)

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