Thursday, September 01, 2005

Bloggers Unite to Seek Funds for Katrina Relief!

Today, bloggers from all over the world will be joining forces for a day of concentrated online fund raising on behalf of relief efforts designed to help the millions of victims of Hurricane Katrina. (At last count, 526 bloggers from seven countries had signed on!)

Each of us have designated relief organizations to whom the contributions are to go.

My designated agency is Lutheran Disaster Response. (In an earlier version of this posting, I had designated an agency which a reader rightly pointed out only did international disaster response. The beauty of blogging is that the writer publishes unencumbered by editors. The deficiency of blogging is that the writer publishes unencumbered by editors.)

So, please designate funds for Lutheran Disaster Response or the agency of your choice.

More than just your dollars, please also offer up your prayers for all who have lost loved ones, suffered the loss of their homes and possessions, and face an uncertain future, asking God to sustain and encourage them!

God bless you!

Here is a list of many relief agencies to which you can contribute if you choose.

Here is a tag on "flood relief" postings on blogs from around the world.

Here is another Technorati.tag, this one dealing with all blog postings on "Hurricane Katrina."


Thrivent Financial for Lutherans has announced a generous gift matching program for individual Thrivent members giving to Hurricane Katrina relief and recovery. If you are a member of Thrivent Financial, please visit for more information and an important form that is required for your gift to be matched. We are grateful for Thrivent's partnership in our ELCA Domestic Disaster Response ministry!

The four states of the ELCA-Southeastern Synod, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee have suffered damage from hurricane Katrina. There is a great need for congregations to develop teams of people willing to help the victims by going to the disaster locations as work crews, and raising funds for Lutheran Disaster Response so we can provide help the victims of this disaster.

Bishop Warren, Hal Shope, LDR Coordinator for Volunteers, and Bob Tribble, Coordinator ELCA-Southeastern Synod/LDR are going to Mississippi and Alabama as soon as the roads are opened, and will need debris removal and clean-up crews first, then rebuilding teams later.

Teams responding will be coordinated by LDR coordinators to provide the best response possible. We urge all congregations to help the thousands of victims of hurricane Katrina.

Congregations with work teams willing to respond to the disaster areas, contact:

Bob Tribble
ELCA-Southeastern Synod/LDR


Stan Slonkosky said...

Lutheran World Relief does NOT respond to domestic disasters.

Some Lutheran organizations that do are:

LCMS World Relief
WELS Committee on Relief
Lutheran Disaster Relief
ELCA Domestic Disaster Relief

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans is offering to make a $1 match for each $2 donated by Thrivent members up to a maximum match of $300 for $600 donated by a member, provided the member sends a form (available on Thrivent's website) along with his donation. They have pledged up to $1 million for this effort. For more information, see

Stan Slonkosky
Pasadena, CA

Mark Daniels said...

You're correct on this and I meant to designate Lutheran Disaster Relief. I will change that now.

Thanks for catching the mistake.


brewsmith said...

Relief can come in many forms, for example I am financially unable to donate money to help, however a friend of mine has taken this move. He realizes that gasoline is vital to help clean up and find any people still alive, and to help transport in supplies. With the fuel prices skyrocketing, and more people adding to the panic by running out to buy more fuel, he has committed himself to actually staying at work, eating, sleeping, and bathing there, for the next week, just to help STOP the panic for fuel. . .