Friday, September 16, 2005

If You're Concerned About the Avian Flu: The Time to Act is Now!

You know that our country is almost completely unprepared for an Avian Flu pandemic that appears inevitable.

PLEASE take the time to write to your states two US Senators, your representative in the House, and to the White House expressing your concern. You could even send them a link to this article, which contains information from several sources, all of which point to the necessity of getting the medication needed to deal with this deadly disease.

Ask the leaders of government to do everything possible to acquire Tamiflu, the medication that can help with the treatment of Avian Flu victims. A vaccine is anywhere between extremely difficult to impossible to make.

Hurry! We have no idea of when the virus will mutate, making human-to-human transmission of the disease possible. Experts say it will be sooner or later. The threat is immense. Let's not be caught off-guard!

If you follow the links below, they will give you access to the email addresses of your two Senators, your Representative, and the President:

US House of Representatives

US Senate

The President


Deborah White said...

You captured MY attention on the Avian flu. It was just words until I read your blogpost.

Thanks, Mark!

Mark Daniels said...

Thanks, Deborah. I hope a lot more people get the word and contact their government officials. This is one potential disaster for which we are unprepared.