Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Churches, Elections, and the IRS

That's the topic of an outstanding series of posts being written by Mark D. Roberts. So far, I agree with every single assertion that he makes here.

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Pastor_Jeff said...


Thanks for pointing these out. Roberts is a good writer and gives a fair presentation. Like you, I agree with his perspective on this issue. You've inspired me to blog about this topic.

I don't think churches ought to be more intentionally political. But the reality is that there are already plenty of tax-exempt groups making political statements and advocating for candidates, parties and positions. Why should churches be singled out for viewpoint discrimination? Why is okay for the Swiftboat Vets or MoveOn.org to make statements about political issues but not pastors?

While I disagree with the priest's political views and his uneven presentation, isn't there a need for a prophetic voice from the pulpit that may need to call evil evil or help people apply biblical truth to social issues?