Sunday, January 01, 2006

It Isn't a Sign of the End of the World

But it should be! Tom Jones is to be knighted.

I know it's all a matter of taste and Jones has outlasted many of his contemporaries. But it is hard to picture a guy who sang stuff like What's New Pussycat? and Delilah receiving the same honor as Winston Churchill and Lawrence Olivier, or Eric Clapton and Paul McCartney, for that matter.


Matt Brown said...

I guess it's not unusual to be knighted by anyone.

Mark Daniels said...

That cracks my family and me up!


Dan McGowan said...

Sir Tom? Or will it be Sir Thomas? I mean, that has a better ring to it. He won't be called Sir TJ will he? But what's good about this is that now there is hope for me. And Peter Tork.

Mark Daniels said...

I definitely think that Tom's knighthood indicates that everybody--maybe even Yanks--have a chance.

Thanks for dropping by!