Sunday, February 26, 2006

Smart Sex

Jan at TheViewfromHer has some interesting things to say on what constitutes "smart sex." It reminded me of an Arthur Rouner book I read a number of years ago (Struggling with Sex) and of a message that incorporated Rouner's ideas, which I shared two-and-a-half years ago. The message was called God and Sex and you can find it here.


jan@theviewfromher said...

Thanks for the love, Mark! And for providing your additional links, which are very good. I know you're especially busy right now, so thanks for keeping in touch.

Mark Daniels said...

Given the topic of this post, I suppose that I should explain to the uninitiated that "the love" to which Jan refers in her comments is the link I published to her blog. Seasoned bloggers call such referencing "love" or "link love."

That said, you're welcome, Jan. Your writing is terrific!

God bless!