Friday, July 28, 2006

There's Larry Flynt and Hugh Hefner

And then, there's another despoiler of culture, the political pornographer, Ann Coulter.

I love Chris Matthews. But for him to compare her to the young George Will, as he does in the linked piece, is wildly inaccurate. Will always knew his stuff. Coulter is a verbal flame thrower.

In fact, I feel that we have miscategorized Coulter. She's no pundit. She's a stand-up comic. And not funny.


Pilgrim said...

Who buys her books?
I think I saw that Pyromaniac Phil Johnson had her on his reading list. Why?

Ron Ballew said...

She says what conservatives (many of them) want to hear. This conservative doesn't want to hear her. Ed Morrisey wrote that he thinks she will become a liberal when being a conservative doesn't pay enough.

Mark Daniels said...

Thanks, Julana and Ron, for your comments.

Basically, I think that Coulter feeds red meat to some red voters.

Many conservative leaders and thinkers seem to increasingly be distancing themselves from her. The mainstream media likes to have her on their shows because she's so provocative. But I think that her schtick will wear thin.