Friday, November 17, 2006

A Very Sad and Ironic Turn of Events

I was saddened to learn of Bo Shembechler's death earlier today. How strange that it happened the day before what promises to be the greatest game ever between the University of Michigan and Ohio State.

Bo Shembechler loved both the University of Michigan, where he achieved greatness as head football coach and athletic director, and The Ohio State University, where he served as an assistant coach under his friend, Woody Hayes. (Shembechler also played his college football Miami University of Ohio, where Hayes was his coach.)

The not-so-widely reported fact about the greatest rivalry in sports is that the leaders of athletics at both OSU and UofM have immense respect for one another. That began with Shembechler and Hayes.

The scheduled moment of silence in memory of Bo Shembechler before the renewal of the rivalry tomorrow is absolutely appropriate.

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