Saturday, August 04, 2007

Please Pray

For the victims of flooding in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal.
In India alone the number of dead has crossed the 1,000 mark, with new victims reported from northern Uttar Pradesh state...

Further east in Bangladesh, authorities have reported another 11 deaths taking the annual monsoon toll to 191.

Disaster management minister Tapan Chowdhury says thousands of army and civilian personnel have been mobilised.

Around 6.9 million Bangladeshis are either displaced or marooned in villages, he said...

Nepal has also been badly hit and its home ministry says the death toll has risen to 87.

About 32 of the Himalayan nation's 75 districts have been affected. Biratnagar, a border town close to India, reported 223 millimetres of rain in the last 24 hours.
I'm praying that God will bring the millions affected by this year's monsoons relief, safety, and comfort.

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