Friday, November 16, 2007

"This is the old left hander, rounding third and heading for home"

For decades, that was Joe Nuxhall's signature goodbye on the Reds radio network. Nuxhall, who, at age fifteen, became the youngest major leaguer in history, went on to be a Reds announcer for decades, a fixture of the Cincinnati landscape. Nuxhall has died. Below is Pullitzer Prize-winning Cincinnati Enquirer editorial cartoonist Jim Borgman's touching tribute to Nux.

Nuxhall was never a great broadcaster and was only a mediocre career pitcher, his 1944 entry into the Major Leagues no doubt helped by the wartime shortage of able-bodied ball players off fighting in the European and Pacific theaters. But he was an indelible character who loved baseball and loved the Cincinnati community. Nux, the man, was greater than the sum of his parts. He will be missed.

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-- Don said...

Lived in Dayton (Farmersville, actually) from 89-95 while attending Bible school. Listened to many a Reds game -- and I'm a lifelong Pirates fan.

Even this past summer, on late nights while driving home from work, I'd tune to The Big One WLW and listen to Nuxhall.

Good stuff. He'll be missed.