Monday, April 06, 2009

"Not since 1999 has a Reds season arrived with so much potential, so freighted with Ifs."

"The Reds aren’t just turning a page. They’re trying to re-write the whole book."

Paul Daugherty gives Reds fans reason to hope for the 2009 season which, for us, starts today. He says that this year's team is hungry and dedicated, devoid of the "sense of entitlement" he observed in past teams.

Read the whole thing. Daugherty's writing is always a treat.

[ADDED: A rundown of what's planned for Cincinnati's opening day festivities. Cincy is the only place I know that has an opening day parade. Some parents let their kids take the day off from school to go to the parade and other events, even just to watch them on TV.]

[UPDATE: Reds lost their opener 2-1.]

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