Saturday, August 29, 2009

"Three Gifts for Hard Times"

That's the title of this article, written by a Harvard law professor, reflecting on his suffering from his perspective as a follower of Christ.

One quibble: His rich understanding of Jesus' use of the term, remembrance, isn't quite as rich as I see it. The term, in the original Greek of the New Testament, is anamnesis, which means the absence of time, making it akin to eternity, also the absence of time. In Holy Communion, Christ invites us to taste the feast that every generation of believers in the God of Israel and the God revealed in Jesus have ever known. In, with, and under the bread and the win, Christ comes to us in body and blood and we are at table with an eternity of believers, past, present, and future.

But this is a quibble. The article does give mature expression to what God does even in the midst of our undeserved suffering and dying.

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