Saturday, September 05, 2009

I'm happy because...

...the Ohio State Buckeyes won their season opener today against the Naval Academy, 31-27. Granted, it was a somewhat lackluster performance on OSU's part. But I'm less concerned after this year's first game than over last season's opener. Then, the Buckeyes were nearly upset by the Akron Zips. The Midshipmen this year are clearly a better team than the Zips were last season. Also, the Middies feature an offense scheme which the Buckeyes won't face for the balance of the system.

There are legitimate concerns about the OSU offensive line, partuclarly as we look ahead to next week's faceoff against USC. But I feel more confident about Ohio State's 2009 encounter with the Trojans in Columbus than I did leading up to the Buckeye-Trojan matchup in LA last year.

Go, Buckeyes!

...also the Reds, who have been decimated by injuries throughout this season are doing some winning lately. I have to believe that had the Reds suffered fewer personnel losses over extended periods of time in 2009, they would be more in the thick of things for a post-season run. Hope does spiring eternal in the spring...and in old fans grasping at straws in the fall.

Go, Reds!

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