Saturday, October 31, 2009

Spending Relaxing Time in the Beautiful Hocking Hills

Here in Hocking County, we're blessed to be surrounded by a lot of God-made natural wonders. A national forest and state parks with awesome cave systems are great places to go hiking and exploring.

Both my wife, Ann, and I came to this area when we were kids growing up in Columbus. More recently, over the New Year's holiday, 2002-2003, our family spent time staying in the cabins at Old Man's Cave State Park. We had a particularly memorable hike on the Cedar Falls trail with my brother and sister-in-law back then.

Now that we live in Hocking County, we make frequent forays to the caves. Recently, we hiked at Ash Cave and at Cedar Falls with our good friends, Don and Lisa. Most of the pictures below were taken by Don, who has a fantastic eye for composition and a real love of nature. [You can click on the pics to enlarge them.]

[Here pictured at Ash Cave is Lisa, my wife Ann (aka: My Honey), and me.]

[A great picture of the breathtaking Ash Cave.]

[The beautiful Cedar Falls.]

[More pictures to come later.]

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Spencer Troxell said...

We need to get up in that area someday. My parents went on a vacation there about a year ago, and brought back some awesome pictures. Beautiful.