Friday, November 13, 2009

No Deal!

C.P. Hia's great reflections on Luke 4:1-13.

We live in an instant gratification age; so, Hia's words are downright countercultural.

We also live in an era in which the Church often mistakes grace for license. Through the grace God gives believers in Jesus, we're not to make excuses, but strive to live faithfully, in daily repentance and renewal.

My Personal Prayer:
God, help me to turn to You every time temptation and "the easy way" call. Forgive me for all those times I fail to turn to You. Help me to move in the power of Your Holy Spirit so that I successfully resist the devil, the world, and my sinful self and so, grow closer to You. When tempted, give me the power to say, "No deal!" In Jesus' Name. Amen!

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