Sunday, December 13, 2009

Minaret Piece in 'Better Living' Mentioned by Pew Project on Journalism

This piece on Swiss voters' decision to thwart the construction of minarets in their country has been cited as exemplifying a widespread defense of freedom of religion by bloggers.

In my post on the Swiss vote, I said that thwarting the religious freedoms of Muslims was wrong and represented a threat to the freedoms of all people to practice the religions of their choice.

The Pew Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism regularly monitors what is being written by bloggers to see how the concerns receiving the greatest attention among them compare to the stories receiving the greatest focus in mainstream media outlets. The reference to my piece on the Swedish minaret vote came in the PEJ New Media Index for November 30 through December 4.

This explains the mission of the Project for Excellence in Journalism.


Chris Duckworth said...

Wasn't it the Swiss who voted to ban the construction of minarets, not the Swedes?

Mark Daniels said...

Yes. Brain breakdown. I'll correct it. Thanks.