Tuesday, December 08, 2009

No one "can fall beyond the reach of God’s love and forgiveness"

Repentance is the soil in which forgiveness flourishes.

Read Psalm 51. Another translation.


Carlton Farmer said...

What about blasphemy against the Holy Spirit?
Matthew 12:30-32
Luke 12:8-10

Those seem pretty clear.

Mark Daniels said...

Yes, they are, Carlton, and no one said otherwise.

Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, as explained by the passages you cite, is refusing to acknowledge what the Holy Spirit is trying to communicate to a person: their need for repentance and forgiveness in Jesus' Name.

But if a person is open to the Spirit's ministry of conviction of sin and convincing about God's forgiveness, they will receive forgiveness.

Even the person who has refused to trust what the Spirit is saying and finally gives in to what the Spirit says can receive forgiveness. No one is beyond that.

God bless you.