Sunday, February 07, 2010

Faith Tidbit #42

We've been talking about using the acronym ACTS to help us when we pray. The C stands for confession. If adoration opens us up to communicating with God, refusing to confess our sins to God is sure to close off our communication with Him.

But we need to be earnest about this. I sometimes find myself simply saying, “God, forgive me for my sins.” At times though, I may not really be confessing at all, just mouthing religious-sounding words. A good rule for effective praying of whatever kind is: Get specific. We might say, “God, forgive me for being such a critical, stick-in-the-mud.” Or, “Forgive me for trying always to get my way.” Or, “Forgive me for cutting off that red Volvo the other day.” Take the risk of inviting God to forgive and help you change in the specific places of your life. “The prayer of an innocent person is powerful and it can help a lot,” the Bible says.

God makes us innocent when we confess our sins in the Name of Jesus. And that gives God's power to our praying.

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