Wednesday, February 17, 2010

'How to Use Lent as a Time of Repentance'

Lent is a time for spiritual renewal, which always begins with repentance. To repent means, quite simply, to turn away from sin--whether deliberate rebellion against God or the accumulation of small, otherwise innocent habits which, taken together, crowd God out of our lives--and to turn to Christ for forgiveness and life.

My colleague, Glen VanderKloot, sent a link to this post from the How To web site which lists some spiritual disciplines you might want to take up to live repentantly during Lent.

Of course, repentance is to be a daily feature of the Christian's life and the season of Lent itself is a human-made custom. But its forty days are an intense reminder of the importance of constantly turning our lives back to Christ, lest sin take hold of us and find us, with scarcely any awareness on our parts, far from the Savior Who gives us life.

To me, it's just as important for us to adopt new habits that draw us closer to Christ as to drop old ones that take us away from Him. That's why I like the link shared by Glen.

Check out the list. You may want to pick one or two for yourself this Lent. But don't be surprised if you're still doing them after Lent.

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