Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Local Mission "Trip": Day 2

Monday afternoon's severe weather in our area wreaked some havoc on the second day of our congregation's local mission "trip." But one crew was able to paint the mobile home that had been cleaned on Monday. That, arguably, was our second biggest project of the week.

Because of all the rain and subsequent humidity, there's no way we could go back to paint the decks that were power washed on Monday.

After several frustrating fits and starts, some of us were able to get a power washer started in order to begin work on our congregation's trademark Noah's Ark. (Saint Matthew is known as "the Church with Noah's Ark in the Yard.") Tomorrow, a more powerful washer that's arriving will enable us to get that done so that we can paint the ark later in the week.

There's a chance of scattered thunderstorms throughout the next 24-hours. So, we've got some alternative "inside" projects to take on tomorrow.

To see some background on this year's mission "trip," go here.

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