Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Three Awesome Gifts

The most awesome gifts God gives are grace, mercy, and peace.

It's by God's grace through our faith (or trust) in Christ that we all can have peace with God.

And, to paraphrase the first century preacher Paul writing at another place in the New Testament, faith in God isn't something we construct.

We don't talk ourselves into faith any more than the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz talked himself into courage. Faith in Christ is a free gift God gives to all who are willing to let God tear down our walls of resistance.

Through grace, God can tear down everything within us that keeps us from being who we were made to be and God can begin to build up everything we were made to be.

Interested in becoming God's construction site?

It's sometimes painful, but always rewarding. Sometimes challenging, but always joyful.

And through the process of growing God-ward, you will experience the grace, mercy, and peace of the awesome God of all creation!

Today's Our Daily Bread devotion takes the time to present short definitions of these three awesome gifts of God: grace, mercy, and peace.

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