Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ah, Nuts!

My Buckeyes lost to the Badgers on Saturday night.

It's tough to spot a team as good as Wisconsin 21 points at their home field and have any chance of coming back. That was what the Buckeyes faced in trying to salvage this game last evening.

While the Buckeyes' play in the third and the start of the fourth quarters revived hopes for getting the win and retaining the Number 1 ranking conferred on the team after Alabama's loss just last Saturday, Ohio State's defense broke down on a key Wisconsin offensive drive in the fourth.

Some of the Buckeyes' flaws visible throughout the year showed themselves and proved costly. OSU's special teams gave up a touchdown on the first kickoff return twelve seconds into the game. The defensive line was repeatedly blown off the line of scrimmage throughout much of the game.

But there were bright spots. Terrelle Pryor showed his maturity as a quarterback by repeatedly making good decisions with his reads. Dan Herron showed real toughness and, I think, played a very good game. He is now indisputably the Buckeyes' #1 running back. The comeback bid made by Ohio State in the third quarter is a tribute to the ability of Coach Jim Tressel and his staff to calm and refocus the team.

At this point, it's tough to even see how this season can end with a Big Ten title for the Buckeyes. Michigan State appears to be poised to run the table and the Buckeyes and Spartans don't meet this season.

But we will see. There's still a lot of season to be played. Go, Buckeyes!

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