Friday, October 08, 2010

A Great Time with Great Friends!

Ann and I (pictured below) had a great time yesterday with two friends from high school days, Sandy and Susie. Sandy came to Lancaster from Troy and Susie came from Columbus.

We climbed to the beautiful overlook at Lancaster's Rising Park (named for a person, not the terrain, by the way). Later, we had lunch at The Four Reasons, for only Ann's and my second visit there since we moved to the Hocking Valley thirty-five months ago. (I had an excellent salad and a great veggie burger.)

Later, we visited a consignment shop, a paperback book exchange, and an antique mall (where I picked up a book containing five unabridged Dashiell Hammet mysteries!). Through it all, there was lots of good conversation. New friendships are wonderful, blessings that display God's continuing provision and love for us. But friends who have known you since your early years are incredible blessings.

(OK, other high school friends, when are we going to get together, too?)

Below are (from l-to-r): Sandy, me, my honey Ann, and Sue. Some of Lancaster can be seen behind us from the overlook at Rising Park.

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