Saturday, November 13, 2010

What the Newest Zogby Poll Could Say

Yesterday over on Facebook, Ohio's outgoing Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner, posted a link to a new Zogby Poll. Brunner, a progressive Democrat, understandably highlighted Zogby's finding that, in spite of the "shellacking" that Democrats took in the 2010 midterm elections a few weeks ago, voter majorities still favor government spending on infrastructure in order to create jobs. (That's what Zogby highlighted, too.) It's true, the majorities for such spending are still there.

But in looking at the poll results, something else became apparent.
This data, for the most part, indicates an overall moderation of views among Americans. The big red flag for those working in state governments across the country is the opposition to any help for states in balancing their budgets. Here in Ohio, of course, we face the prospect of an $8-billion shortfall. In California, the number is $52-billion.

The coming year may turn out to be the most challenging one for the country since World War Two. This makes the polarization offered up by the two parties even a greater problem than it has been; it will make it tougher to reach the compromises needed to go forward, I think.
Is there any chance that the two parties that both love to spend and give away money like drunken sailors (to their favorite special interest groups), will finally incite a moderate revolution? Or will the partisan kabuki dance continue until the American future is utterly mortgaged to the Chinese government and its allies, clients, and subjects? 

Right now, we have a very polarized electorate whose main question seems to be, "What's in it for me?" (And who nonetheless claim, if the exit polls are any indication, want the parties to work together in Washington.) That isn't a very promising political landscape. 

Praying, for those so inclined, like me, seems more than appropriate.

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