Monday, April 11, 2011

Trusting God

"Trusting God," or maybe more imperatively, "Trust God!," is the theme that emerges from several inspiring things I've read over the past week or so.

First, there's today's installment from Our Daily Bread, called The Penny Syndrome. Never underestimate what God can and will do through you when you trust Him!

My colleague and friend, Pastor Glen VanderKloot, in his daily devotional, shared thoughts from John Ortberg's fantastic book, The Me I Want to Be. You can find them here. God has an adventure planned for you; live it!

Also, inspired by the Bible, Bill Hybels' book The Power of a Whisper, the experiences of many faithful Christians, and his own walk with Christ, Glen has been sharing a sermon series on the power of God's communication with His people. I've linked to previous installments. Here is the link to the sermon of April 3. 

And here is Glen's sermon from yesterday, April 10. As you read it, put aside your skepticism and world-weary wariness. Glen is an intelligent, knowledgeable man who trusts in Jesus Christ with every fiber of his being. I'm excited by the vision for his congregation that Glen here shares! As many of us  were reminded by the first Bible lesson for worship yesterday, Ezekiel 37:1-14, by the power of His Word, God can give new life to dead, dry bones. Pray for Glen and for Faith Lutheran Church of Springfield, Illinois as God brings the vision of renewal into being! 

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