Saturday, May 14, 2011

"If people really knew this about me..."

God is anxious to forgive our sins and help us to move on with our lives unencumbered by the weight of sin.

All sin, of course, is equally worthy of death.

But all sin is also equally forgivable for the one who humbly turns to Jesus Christ in repentance and belief (trust) in Him.

Whatever your sin, whether...
  • sexual intimacy outside of heterosexual marriage (what the Bible calls adultery and fornication);
  • gambling; 
  • taking God's Name in vain; 
  • murder; 
  • gossip; 
  • greedily aching for what others have (coveting); 
  • thievery; 
  • or any other thought or action that violates God's command that we love Him above all and love others as we love ourselves...
these two truths--the gravity of all sin and God's willingness to forgive all sin--apply.

God knows all about you and loves you anyway...and through Christ, has done everything needed for you to be with Him now and in eternity.

God is out to get you. But not to punish, but to reclaim, renew, and revive you. Repent and trust in Christ each day...and you are good to go without guilt or shame.

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