Thursday, June 09, 2011

God's Sledgehammer is Starting to Help Me See

Tonight, during my fast walk workout, I read chapter 6 of David Platt's extraordinary, Radical. There, Platt challenges American Christians to consider what God might be asking us to give up in order to provide for the needs of "the least of these," including the 26,000 children who die of starvation in the world each day. I find what Platt writes disturbing and exhilarating!

After reading that, I opened my laptop for a look-see at some of my favorite blogs and other web sites before hitting the sack. I came to this post on obedience to God by my bud, Steve Sjogren.

First Platt. Then Sjogren. God is clearly using His subtle sledgehammer to get a message through to me: His grace comes to those who trust in Jesus Christ. But if we trust in Christ, we will obey God, even when the things God seems to tell us to do don't make sense. 

It's scary. But I really want to learn this lesson!

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