Thursday, July 07, 2011

Audio of Wednesday's 'Read the Bible in a Year' Discussion

This is the audio recording of Wednesday morning's discussion of 1 Chronicles 13 to 2 Chronicles 6, at Saint Matthew Lutheran Church in Logan, Ohio. We have weekly opportunities for discussion, either mornings or evenings, of the chapters we've been reading that week.

Here is a general overview of our approach to Read the Bible in a Year.

And here is the list of readings.

A few notes on this particular discussion:
While the Babylonian Captivity began in 586 BC, as I say in the recording, some of God's people were allowed to return to Judah starting in 538 BC. They didn't have to wait until 400 BC, although many chose not to return ever.

Both 1 and 2 Chronicles were probably written about 400 BC for those of God's people who had chosen to go back to their land, who were interested in looking at their history for guidance on how to reconstruct their spiritual life as they reconstructed the temple in Jerusalem.

I mention Robert Farrar Capon's image of "the hat on the invisible man." It appears in his book, The Third Peacock. But in this image, Capon isn't referring to Christ embodying God--revealing Him, rather to the bread and wine of Holy Communion embodying Christ for us as we worship.

The Galatians passage I was trying to find during this discussion was Galatians 2:20: is no longer I who live, but it is Christ Who lives in me...

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