Monday, November 07, 2011

If You Cover Up Child Molestation, You're a Molester Too

Obviously, I don't know if all the allegations are true regarding the sexual abuse of eight boys by a former Penn State assistant football coach.

There does appear to have been a cover-up of whatever did happen, however.

The bottom line is this: There is absolutely no one more destructive or hurtful in the world than a child molester. It cannot be tolerated.

If the alleged molestations occurred and anybody in the Penn State administrative or athletic staffs knew about them, prison time would be almost too good an outcome. Nobody in the Penn State athletic program who may have had knowledge of these alleged cases and failed to tell authorities could be said to be any better than child molesters themselves. To abet molesters is to give them a free pass to keep hurting kids.

I love sports, but I can only hope and pray that the false deity of sports won't prevent the appropriate working out of justice in this case. Punishing people who have damaged children is a lot more important than a football program!

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tbeindit said...

I agree Mark. From what I understand there was some "reporting" done, but it almost appears as if the people at Penn State attempted to drag their feet to prevent any punishment, which can be considered just as bad as failing to report an action.

I'm a huge college football fan, but this stuff should not be tolerated, anybody with any knowledge or action that attempted to slow down authorities should be fired. Immediately.