Friday, December 02, 2011

'The Widow Maker' and Me

Earlier today, I went to the James Cancer Center at Ohio State for an evaluative appointment.

In October, a small melanoma was removed from my left leg. In about a week, I'll have an outpatient procedure to remove surrounding tissue.

I was impressed by the staff at the James and the ease with which I was registered.

In addition to the doctor, I also met with a nurse practitioner. She looked at the wallet cards I carry identifying me as someone with both a stent and a defibrillator and said, "Do you know that the heart attack you had is what we call 'the widow maker'? It's a miracle you're alive. God must have plans for you."

Miracles still happen. Why God chose to work this miracle on me, I don't know and no doubt won't know until I see Him face to face.

But I pray that I will make the most of this life God has given to me.

In any case, to God be all the glory!

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