Friday, May 25, 2012

This is One of Those Items That Makes Me Say, "Oy!"

Two characteristics of post-modern culture are:
  • Our elevation of sex as an end in itself, rather than the creation of a good God to be used by husbands and wives to express their love and bonding to one another and, when God and they choose, a means of sharing their love with children.
  • Our elevation of the value of other creatures, even as we denigrate the value of human beings.
These two characteristics are seen very much in the contemporary Church, as it plays to and reflects the surrounding culture, rather than raising a voice that shows people the more excellent ways of God.

Now, apparently, in one segment of the post-modern church, new prayers for animals that go way beyond blessing them are being considered. Check out Pastor Peters' summary. Make sure you read his comments at the end; I laughed out loud!

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