Saturday, July 07, 2012

Hot Kindness Outreach Fun!

Eleven Saint Matthew folks turned out today to give away 200 bottles of water to thirsty drivers and passengers for this week's Kindness Outreach.

Thanks to each one of them!

It was funny: As hot as it is today (we're at 93 degrees as I write this), a higher number of people than usual seemed to refuse the water today. The hot weather can make us all cranky, of course. It apparently can even cause sweaty people to turn down free cold water!

On the other hand, those who took our free gift were more enthusiastic in expressing their thanks than usually seems to be the case!

As I handed the free water to one man, he couldn't believe it. "Are you serious? This is great! Thanks a million!"

One woman, driving alone, told me, "We don't usually don't let water in the car. But I'll make an exception today. Thanks!"

Initially, one man, whose little girl was riding in her seat in the back of their vehicle, refused our offer. But a few moments later, he honked and lowered the front passenger window. "Did you have a change of heart?" I asked. Pointing to his little girl, he said with a smile, "She did." As I handed both of them bottles of water, he said, "Thanks!"

Sheila, a member of our Saint Matthew congregation, reported that one person said that she would just take the card and we could keep the water. Sheila gave the water to her anyway.

Despite the heat, we had fun sharing the love of Jesus Christ through this simple act of service to our neighbors.

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